Friday, April 10, 2009

Virginia Woolf to Blame for AIDS.

Senior Anglican lays society's ills at Virginia Woolf's door |

Mr Phillip Jensen, Anglican Dean of Sydney, told AAP on Friday he sympathised with Cardinal Pell's views on promiscuity, but did not believe condoms alone had made society more promiscuous.

'In terms of adultery, in terms of divorce, in terms of grandchildren, yes we are in big trouble as a society because of the sexual revolution,' he said.

'It came out of Virginia Woolf and that crowd (in England in the early 20th century).

'It's a century-long movement that has happened.

'In my view, it's a disaster. It has ruined lives. It is ruining our society.'

There are nutters everywhere, it seems.

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Steve Muhlberger said...

yes, but this is a champion nutter, of the navel-gazing variety.