Friday, April 10, 2009

Martin Pendergast: Catholicism is gay-friendly on the ground

Martin Pendergast: Catholicism is gay-friendly on the ground | Comment is free |

Proudly gay and proudly Catholic

Underneath the official condemnations, the Roman Catholic church is recognising the contribution that gay people can make

Two days after the 1999 Soho pub bomb, monthly Masses were launched at a Catholic convent in London, welcoming lesbian and gay Catholics, their parents and families. Unable to find a central London Catholic church, after the convent's closure, LGBT Catholics found hospitality at Soho's Anglican parish church. Increasing numbers resulted in the Masses being held twice a month. While the Diocese of Westminster might have believed that the group would fade away, it recognised that real pastoral needs were being met, converts to Catholicism were being made, and a vibrant community could offer something to the local church. In March 2007, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor invited the Soho Masses LGBT community, in contact with around 300 people overall, to transfer its services to one of Soho's Catholic parishes.


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