Saturday, September 15, 2007

Very Upsetting Things about Britain 3


It's all true!

People with missing teeth audition for TV talent shows. Politicians have perfectly black lines between each tooth. Educated professionals flash crooked teeth. And a fair number of people seem to go shopping in ASDA without their teeth in.

Worst of all. Perfectly cute people in bars smile, and, well one doesn't want to be condemnatory, but....

Some things are better in America. Like Teeth.


What's Wrong with America 2

Mormons are taking over.

What's Wrong with America 1

They have too many gay websites.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Very Upsetting Things about Britain 2


At least in Manchester, young people, and some no so young, have adopted a very odd hairstyle. The back, sides and top are short (or spiked with gel), but the front is long, cut in a wedge shape, quite possibly dyed, and plastered with gel to the face.

Britain did not win wars with it's young people looking like they had just fallen into a bucket of wallpaper paste mixed with bleach.

Very Upsetting Things about Britain 1


For some unknown reason, British people have taken to decorating there houses with vases (sometimes very big vases) of dead twigs.

I think the look is meant to be minimalist, but it all looks a little IKEA.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

This is Just Wrong, but Right in a Very Odd Way II

So, YouTube took down the video of Jake doing drag.

OK How about Dr Who in Drag?

Also see here and here. [American readers please note that Catherine Tate is going to be the Doctor's new companion.

[Meanwhile, American readers should look up 'John Barrowman' on YouTube for some fun. Sandy - that means you.]

Athiest Brownnosing

Read Richard Dawkin's review of Christopher Hitchen's God is Not Great.

A truly astonishing piece of brown-nosing.

There are lots of good arguments against religion, and those who want to read them should perhaps read Bertrand Russell's Why I am Not a Christian.

What is so annoying about Hitchens AND Dawkins is their belief that they are somehow rigorous and academic thinkers, and that the vast erudition displayed by thinkers of all religious traditions is simply tosh.

So lets get this straight: Hitchen's book is shallow (with constant flip comments and use of easy targets. Two examples within a few pages could be greatly multiplied: at one stage Hitchen's attacks a auxiliary bishop for denouncing condoms, two pages later the man has become "Archbishop of Rio"; a page later Hitchen's claims that most historians accept Jesus must have been born after 4 AD (in fact, the usual consensus is that he must have been born before 4 BC). These are, in themselves, minor points, but are entirely typical of the sloppiness and lack of erudition of both authors.