Tuesday, April 07, 2009

VICTORY! Vermont votes for marriage equality!

VICTORY! Vermont votes for marriage equality! � HRC Back Story

BREAKING: Moments ago, the Vermont House voted 100-49 to override the marriage bill veto! The House vote, which followed the Senate voting 23-5 this morning to override Gov. Douglas’s veto, means that Vermont becomes the first state to OK marriage equality through the legislative process.

Today Vermont joins Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa in allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally marry.

This has been an amazing week for advances in marriage equality for lesbian and gay people.

*Two US states have legalized same sex marriage (Iowa by judicial decision, Vermont by super-majorities overriding a veto in both houses of its legislature).
*Washington DC has agreed to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
*Sweden has legalized same-sex marriage (by legislative action).

That's four political units in one week.

At this stage, we need to campaign for full marriage equality in the UK.

[See Wikipedia; Same Sex Marriage for the roll-call of honour].

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