Sunday, April 05, 2009

Labourhome : NHS a 60 year mistake says top Tory

Labourhome : NHS a 60 year mistake says top Tory

NHS a 60 year mistake says top Tory

Dan Hannan MEP (remember him?), has been on Fox News this week (with the ever repugnant extreme right-winger Sean Hannity no less) espousing his belief that America shouldn't follow British-style 'socialised medicine' as it's such a 'failure' over here:"

This would not play well in a UK general election campaign.

So, what will Labour's election game plan be:

1. Push Brown as economically competent. This will work as long as the Tories look like snipers from the side.

2. Try to expose the "true side" of the "nasty party". This fails when Cameron is the focus, but is considerably easier with other Tory talking heads.

There is nothing else they can do, and personally I don't think this one-two punch will work in the face of mass disaffection for what is a visibly aging government and one which much of the educated left detest as much as the Tories.


Anonymous said...


Forget about health, Labour's truly failed in its education policy to have produced an ignorant fuck like you

Paul Halsall said...

Umm, it's the American spelling, and since I lived there for 20 years I tend towards midlantic spelling. Suck it up.

Bearded Socialist said...

So far as the next election is effectively a presidential election between Cameron and Brown, Cameron will win. To me, there is far too little focus on the parties over here as it does seem that it is very much Brown Vs Cameron.
Party politics is what this country is about, and the Conservative PARTY has not moved, despite Cameron honestly being to the left of some of them. Not all, but some