Tuesday, April 07, 2009

On the Other Hand - The Tories are Toffs

<-George Osborne

1) Sebastian Grigg
2) David Cameron
3) Ralph Perry Robinson
4) Ewen Fergusson
5) Matthew Benson
6) Sebastian James
7) Jonathan Ford
8) Boris Johnson
9) Harry Eastwood

The Bullingdon Club

Bullingdon Club dinners were the occasion of a great display of exuberant spirits, accompanied by a considerable consumption of the good things of life, which often made the drive back to Oxford an experience of exceptional nature". A report of 1876 relates that "cricket there was secondary to the dinners, and the men were chiefly of an expensive class". The New York Times told its readers in 1913 that "The Bullingdon represents the acme of exclusiveness at Oxford; it is the club of the sons of nobility, the sons of great wealth; its membership represents the 'young bloods' of the university".
The Club's modus operandi has often been to book a private dining room under an assumed name, as most restaurateurs are wary of the Club's reputation for causing considerable drunken damage during the course of the dinners. However, it depends on the character of the membership at the time — which necessarily varies from year to year — whether the famous 'destruction' is an intentional act of wanton vandalism or a side-effect of drinking prodigious quantities over a lengthy period of time.


Anonymous said...

If all Tories are toffs, then all Labour MPs claim for porn. Don't you realise this is the sort of message that drives voters away from Labour not to it

Paul Halsall said...

Oh, get a sense of humour.

And what is wrong with porn?