Saturday, April 11, 2009

The McBride Draper Dale Staines Story

There is a major blogging storm going on, which unusually for the UK has broken through to the mainstream media.

I'm finding it easiest to follow at Plato Says.

I do tend to think attacking Jacque Smith's expenses was doing the government more harm than this spat will. I suppose the thing is that Tory MP expense stories are going to be as bad.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually fight the next UK election on whether Government spending in the current, umm, financial crisis is a good idea; whether we should become more entwined with Europe or leave the EU; and how to restore civil liberties.

I see different sides on all these issues, and might even be tempted to vote Tory (although more prob Lib Dem) if the Tories took a strong stand on the specifics of restoring New Labour attacks on civic freedom.

What I am not interested is in who's putz has spots on it.

UPDATE: The story jumped the shark

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