Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Labour Talk on Aspiration

Another reflection on Tom Harris' Blog.

I think the language of "aspiration" is as pointless as the language of "stakeholders."

Sure we should make sure social mobility is possible, but in any society there will be some sort of Bell Curve of social position, and if for some "social mobility" is up, for others it will be down.

I happen to think general IQ measures something real. I do quite well in such tests. But I have to admit I do less well in "Emotional Q" and "Artistic Q". Value in society must derive from some combination of them all.

But if we accept general IQ as real, then we need to face the fact that, by definition, half the population has an IQ of 100 or less.

Our goal should be a society in which all people, of levels of ability can live satisfying lives, and not one where people are driven crazy "aspiring" to things they cannot every really achieve nor which will make them happy.

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