Sunday, April 05, 2009

The drizzle on Gordon Brown's parade

Andrew Rawnsley: Well done, Gordon. Now it's time to come back to earth | Comment is free | The Observer

The drizzle on Gordon Brown's parade came from David Cameron with his attempt to damn the summit with faint praise and imply that the G20 was a diversion from the travails of the economy at home. The Tory leader sniped that it was all very well hosting the world, but Britain needs some attention too.

That was a display of economic illiteracy by the leader of the Conservative party. Britain's fortunes are inextricably meshed with those of the rest of the globe. If the world stays in recession, it is not very likely that Britain is going to recover. Is David Cameron really such an idiot that he does not grasp that?

Cameron is the reason Brown still has a chance of limiting Labour losses at the next election.

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