Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Talk About Bad Timing

Possibly the worst timed club opening in recent history:
Paddy Cochrane, the nephew of Sursock doyenne Lady Cochrane, celebrated the opening of his new nightlife venue in Gemmayzeh on Friday night. Gauche Caviar - so named in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the first wave of reveling gentrifiers who paved the way for this quaintly residential and traditional neighborhood to become Beirut's latest hipster enclave - is located on Gemmayzeh's main drag, Gouraud Street. Unlike most of the nearby bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs, Gauche Caviar is notably spacious, thanks in no small part to a winning design by architect Mazen Khatib. The launch party welcomed a roster of high-profile guests.

Daily Star, Beirut, July 12

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