Thursday, July 20, 2006

The War Today

It was very odd today. I was worring like crazy [C-R-A-Z-Y] about being ill, but my doctor is of Lebanese Christian origin.

When I went in, and said how upset I was very upset about what was going on. He seemed surprised that any of his patients would even care (or know, I suppose, this being Jacksonville FL and not Dearborn MI). It turns out all his family is in Lebanon, although (thankfully), mostly in the north.

I, of course, like Israel, but find myself hopeless before men of violence: I could imagine being angry on both sides. I simply cannot imagine myself firing a weapon to kill children.

I hope, if I am ever presented with the choice, that I cut my own throat.

What Would Jesus Do? Can anyone imagine him firing a Kassem rocket into Israel? Or dropping a bomb on South Beirut?

What would you do?

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