Friday, July 21, 2006

Shi'ism and the News

Rememember Nixon!

That's my motto in watching news coverage of any event. The Daily Telegraph is, by far, the most Conservative British newspaper. It is also very pro-Israel. But the British upper-middle class British values a much wider divergence of opinion than exists in the US. That is where to look for angles you may not have thought of.

Here is an very informative view on the Shia-Sunni conflict from today's Telegraph.


Vitae Scrutator said...

What kind of evil rag would tantalize its readers with a promise of "James Brown on Stage" only to give you a story about some fucking Gordon Brown with a new baby named James? I mean, really! The sheer Chutzpah of it!

Paul Halsall said...

Don't we all wish we had a mutterspraeche like Yiddish in which to express a view of the world?

Chutzpah (hubris beyond egotism) is fine. Putz (unclean males sexual organ [as oppose to Schmuck (sexual organ your mother can use to refer to a Putz)])is better. When you get to know the difference between Schlemiel (person who tends to spill drinks on another) and Schlomozzel (person who tends to have drinked spilt on him/her) you are almost there.

[Thanks to Leo Rosten]