Thursday, July 13, 2006

The War in the Middle East


We are now facing a major regional conflict in the middle east.

Ignore the New York Times, Washington Post, or BBC.

For Lebanon see the Daily Star

For Israel, see Ha'aretz

Commentators in the press, from the White House and academia seem not to know who differences between Sunni and Shia, nor that there are different types of Shia. I have seen almost no-one refer to the very large Christian communitues in the country (the majority being an Eastern Church (the Maronites) in communion with Rome. Commentary in the British and the American Press seems to be describing different wars. And all the commentators from the areas affected are spinning like crazy.

Meantime, as usual, every other crisis in the world gets ignored. Today, genocide continues in Dafur, there was another Tsunami in Indonesia, and something weird is happening in North Korea - it's all enough to make one despair.

Pray for peace.

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