Monday, October 09, 2006

What's Wrong With American Liberals?

As to bloggers I mainly read Andrew Sullivan and I like NRO best of all the rightwing blogs because its writers are not looney.

I read almost no left-wing blogs; they drive me crazy; American liberals drive me crazy because they want to make people happy.

Pills make you happy; drugs make you happy; alcohol makes you happy; being in love makes you happy; art makes you happy. Politics does not make you happy.

The purpose of politics as far as I am concerned is to spread the wealth created by the successful enterprise culture of capitalism to make sure all people have access to food, housing, and medical services, and all children have access to equal opportunity. Happiness is their own business.

That is why I am called a "democratic socialist" and not a "liberal."


Trey said...

I lost my taste for American liberals at a January '03 anti-war march in DC. Listening to 60,000+ people chant along with with Ramsey Clarke, "FREE PALESTINE, END ZIONISM!!!" was enough for me to distance myself. Not that any of them really knew what Zionism is or who Theodore Herzl was... but I think that's my point.

I pisses anyone off seeing people argue for the right things the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Especially when you bash the looney left. But you know what's odd? Most of the people I enjoy talking to are on the left. You read blogs from the right; I talk to the left.