Monday, October 09, 2006


From a Catholic point of view this is the MOST ludicrous label a Christian can have.

After all, anyone who says they are "non-denominational" is a Protestant.

Still, what was the Orlando Sentinel thinking in this report:
Nelson is a nondenominational Christian who was baptized Baptist. He grew up attending Baptist and Episcopal churches and joined First Presbyterian Church after moving to Orlando last year, according to spokesman Bryan Gulley.

Orlando Sentinel 10/6/2006

The story is about Kathryn Harris 'increasingly ludicrous Senate run. How the hell she won in Sarasota is something all the Wisconsin Lutherans in Sarasota need to commune about with Garrison Keillor.

But, according the the Orlando Sentinel, Bill Nelson should be taken as a Presbyterian (a perfectly respectable denominational label, especially for people who can read books).

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