Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Party of Royal Bastards' Descendants and Baronets

David Cameron is a descendant of King William IV (via a "natural" child"). He is a relative of the Queen.

Boris Johnson is a descendant of King George II (via a "natural" child"). He also is a relative of the Queen.

George Osborne is heir to the title 18th Baronet Osborne.

"Dave" Cameron had calls from the Palace to advance his career at Conservative Central office when he left Oxford.

Is electing this trash what modern Britain has come to?

In fact the Tories have not been this retrograde on a class basis since Macmillan.

Heath (lower middle class), Thatcher (lower middle class), Major (working class), Hague (Yorkshire middle class), Ian Duncan Smith (posh but Catholic), Michael Howard (from Jewish Romanian stock) - all of these were outside the networked top public-school elite.

Among these people Osborne is looked down on because he is "only" the heir to a baronetcy.

It's true, possibly, that these old Tories might show a noblesse oblige that the nouveau riche conservatives since Macmillan have not shown. [Macmillan built 300,000 decent (with some exceptions) council houses a year while PM].

The real problem here is the complete and utter fuck up by New Labour.

I will vote Labour, but my favoured outcome would be one in which no party got a majority, and Labour could form a small minority govt with SNP, Plaid Cymru, Irish SDLP, support, and Brown was ousted.

Alternatively, I hope for a Tory victory of around 10 MPs, which collapses quickly but gives time for real Labour to reform.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

What utter twaddle. Your blind class hatred spoils what is otherwise an interesting blog.

Your kind of "socialism" went out with Red Robbo and Arthur Scargill. Nobody talks like that anymore.

Calling people like this "trash" is so beyond the pale that I can no longer take you seriously. Come up with a proper critique, based upon facts, rather than revealing the plate of chips on your shoulder.

Paul Halsall said...


You often make interesting comments - here, as elsewhere - but I am not in a ratings game, and I don't depend on other people for how I take myself.

FWIW, I believe very strongly in class warfare; I think the working class (and/or other lower classes) will always be bad at waging it (So I am more tragic about this than a Marxist). But I think the elite do wage class warfare, and I am fairly sure they know what they are doing?

My solution? Suicide, but I am trying to avoid that for a few decades.

Quietzapple said...

They are trash in the sense you mean.

Osborne is a member of "the Ascendancy" - the old proddie aristos in Ireland who screwed everyone else and stole the land using enclosures acts.

I doubt his father would have the wallpaper business if it were not for the land thefts.

Labour has done a great job, pity you cannot see that. The world will not be going backwards because you want it to, Paul.

It may for a while if the Bullingdons get their way, or Vince Cable tries to be pragmatic.

berenike said...

Why does being the descendant of a royal bastard make you trash? Is it the royalty or the illegitimacy that disturbs you? And if only one, why mention the other?