Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is this a Boring Blog?

I think one of Iain Dale's commentators commented that this is a boring blog.

The thing is, I have varied if somewhat odd, interests. I try to cover these in the blog (as per the heading). I.e. politics, History, Religion, Poetry, Camp, and Sexuality.

I realise these are not everyone's interests, but they can read something else.

I do seem to get a fair number of hits.

I would be interested in your responses.


Trey said...

It was more exciting two years ago. It's become more of a link-collector now, mostly from sites and news articles I've already read.

Try shorter quotes and longer snipes.

Steve Muhlberger said...

It is your blog.
From Kzoo.

Barrie Wood said...

I like the variety of subjects you discuss. Keep at it !