Friday, May 08, 2009

Attacking Iain Dale

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"By ramming the microphone up your arse?"
- one of the commentators today on Iain Dale's blog.

[Dale, for my American/World readers is the leading Conservative blogger in the UK. He is also openly gay. The title Iain Dale's Diary is an old joke based a long gone BBC Soap Opera called Mrs Dale's Dairy.]

I find the "ramming up the arse" comments offensive.

If, however, anyone wants advice on how best to achieve "Anal Pleasure and Health" I suggest they buy the book of that name from [It's written from a heterosexual point of view, but explains the pleasures involved both for those with a prostate and without].

Meanwhile, a number of straight women have told me about how much some men like that "little finger" during oral sex, but don't want to talk about it afterward.

And very many women (lesbian and straight) have a three- or two-pronged rabbits.

UPDATE: I suppose I should make it clear here what I am on about. You may agree, disagree, or variably agree with Iain Dale. What I object to is his commentators feeling it is OK to trade in homophobic bits of "wit". I commend Iain for continuing to approve such comments.


Iain Dale said...

I assume you're joking.

Paul Halsall said...

It just struck me Iain, do you mean you did not intend a reference to Mrs Dale's Diary when naming your blog?