Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Worst News Ever in Jacksonville...

...since either the great fire, or the city's current title as murder capital capital of Florida.

The local PBS station (WJCT) is hosting an André Rieu concert on April 7th 2007.

Why not in hurricane season? Are they are afraid?

This is the final attack on classical music initiated by this station five years ago.


Anonymous said...

Whats your issue with it? Not a big Strauss fan? I went to one of his concerts before, a little weak in my opinion. I will take Handel's Messiah or some Bach Cello Suites before that again. What is your issue though?

Paul Halsall said...

Spencer, hwat he does is really pop music like Yianni. That's fine, but it' not classical music.

He defined "middlebrow".

Anonymous said...

I can totally agree with that. I was just curious.