Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Misremember the Alamo

The Onion get's it right, 8/16/2006


Anonymous said...

Well, this guy is obviously not from Texas! He misremembered the Alamo a whole lot more than he is claiming that others do!
Yes, it is true that Davy Crockett and other survivors were killed in brutal, execution style in front of Santa Anna after the battle. This in no way diminishes their heroic two-week standoff where 187 men held nearly 6,000 Mexican troops at bay.
Yes, it is true that the US had nothing to do with it. The fight was about Texas independence. Texas is still the only state to have first been an independent country. They were a Republic for nine years, thank you very much, with a Constitution, a Navy, an Army, and a very hostile neighbor just south of them. They might have been better off ignoring the United States entirely. Texas is still the only flag that flies at the same height as the US flag, and Texas still has the only State capitol taller than the US Capitol.
It is certainly NOT true that slavery was the primary issue. The Texians did not even originally push for secession from Mexico. All they wanted was for Santa Anna to live up to the 1824 Mexican Constitution. The first flag of Texas is a modified Mexican flag with "1824" in the center. If Santa Anna had tried to be a statesman instead of a dictator, he might well have kept Texas as a province. Instead, he wanted the Texians to disarm (a chancy task in Comanche country!), submit to taxes without representation in the Mexican government, and submit to other political demands, like conversion to Catolicism. The slavery issue really did not surface until after independence, when the Southern states looked longingly at Texas' wide open spaces.
So by all means, misremember the Alamo if you must. Forget about the heroism of a small band facing overwhelming odds. Forget the brutal murders of the Alamo survivors or the Massacre at Goliad later. Forget the incredible victory at San Jacinto. Just don't ask Texans to do so - we know the truth! We will always "Remember the Alamo" with the Lone Star flag held high!

James R

Paul Halsall said...

James, the article was in the Onion. Besides, Texas was not the only state to have been an independent country. So was Hawaii.

Anonymous said...


Hawaii was never a country per se. It had a tribal government, with the trappings of republicanism forced upon it by white immigrant sugar growers, just enough to allow for US annexation in 1898. It certainly had no independent nation status, nor was it recognized as a nation on the world stage. (Texas had embassies and consulates during its Republic days, including an ambassador from Great Britain.)

Paul Halsall said...

What is a country "per se"? Hawaii had a royal family, recognition by the United Kingdom, and even a Catholic diocese.

Steve Muhlberger said...

The dismissal of Hawaii's independence is sheer bigotry.