Monday, June 12, 2006

Was Zarqawi Murdered?

The US Press is now reporting that Zarqawi (the nasty bastard who should roast forever, but whom we must treat as a human being to show how much better than him we are) died of his wounds. I hope this is true.

But who can trust any spokesperson of the Bush Administration? Which has lied about every budget estimate, WMD, and Gitmo. An administration which has turned US military spokesmen into its puppets?

I was ambivalent about the war in Iraq. I thought, correctly that US would screw up the aftermath, but I never dreamed the aftermath could be so bad. Now, if I, who basically think AMERICA is a good thing - the *one* country that has found a way for a nation to avoid the lies of ethnicism and religion - bascially think the spokesman was lying, guess what they think in the Muslim world? Zarqawi was beaten up by those who captured him. I hope I am wrong. History will tell on this one.

Make no mistake; I want America to win. But I wonder how many Americans understand the current low moral status of a country whose Declaration of Independance was written to appeal to the moral judgement of the world? The Bush Dynasty has made it possible for even a mass video-taped murderer to make the United States look like liars. (I have the tape of Zarqawi beheading Nick Beard on my computer, but have never been able to watch it.)

[This post and the ABBA/CHER post are posted on the same day. This is not a narrow blog. Because life is not narrow]

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