Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pope and Rowan Williams

In my country I see absolute spiritual apathy everywhere.

I think Rowan Williams does as well as he can faced with this. It's like a wasted generation of people without any grasp that life may be more than WHAT IS. I feel more in common with Richard Dawkins than I do with most of my countrymen. He is wrong, but at least he is looking.

Rowan Williams is a truly decent human being (one of my best friends was a close friend of his at Oxford), and did not need to be humiliated like he has been by the pope. Neither Basil Hume nor Cormac Murphy-O'Connor would have allowed it. Abhp Nichols looked liked he wanted to choke.

One the whole this has nothing to do with England. Most "conservatives" in the CoE are Evangelicals. They would never accept Rome. Anglo-Catholicism here is almost uniformally liberal (like Rome) re. biblical interpretation. It's also very gay.

The Anglican Church of Nigeria will not change (nor most in Africa, because they are Evangelical), so this is a sop to a small straight number of churches.

And Rowan was ritually humiliated for this?

It's an outrage.


Nikostratos said...

saw the title and thought it was referring to a rude mistake

Paul Halsall said...

Lol, Mr. M.

You know I just blog for myself, so I mix up genres and levels of thinking, just as I do in myself.

If anything, this blog is a "just in case" they can reconstitute us in computers in the future. I want to at least contribute to what those computers create as our simulacrums!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You have done it again; thrown out too many ideas for my tiny mind to deal with at once.

For starters, I too have believed that in the future, say 100 years from now, everything written here will be accessible to people, in a highly ordered form for instant retrieval.

Imagine this supercomputer being able to do Wrinkled Weasel's opinion on current affairs in 2109?

Does not bear thinking about.

I love the way you drop things in like

"I see absolute spritual apathy everywhere". No shit, Sherlock!


"Anglo-Catholicism here is almost uniformally liberal (like Rome) re. biblical interpretation. It's also very gay."

lol! ACs are as gay as a spoon and always have been. Men in ornate frocks, with perfume, and candles and sonorous catamites? What were they thinking?

I am an evangelical, and no, Paul, I don't expect you to rot in hell, as long as you know Jesus as your personal Saviour and Lord. (That is between you and your maker) I don't go to church though. I tried it for about 20 years and it did'nt stick - the church bit, not the God bit, which did.

I met Basil Hume once and interviewed him. It is almost impossible to describe the love and spirituality that emanated from him. When he entered a room, you knew you were with someone who was close to God. The word "holy" comes to mind, but that is probably arch heresy.

As for the CofE. They are like Happy Shopper corner shops. They have a recognisable brand but essentially they are a loose franchise full of stock that is past it's sell-by date.

Rowan Williams always seems curiously out of step with his role.

We need a return to contemplative Christianity, the kind that seeks God, not the kind that seeks to confront segments of society who wear their sins on their lapels.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I think there's a mistake with your page design. Just underneath "English Eclectic", it says you're a Catholic.