Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gathering Storm

And a take down by the Colbert Report.

In the U.K. it should be a key demand for LGBT groups that Civil Partnerhips be allowed to be civil marriages, and that those churches/etc (Unitarian. Quaker, MCC, Independent Catholic Church, Liberal Judaism) that want to celebrate religious ceremonies be able to do so.


Bearded Socialist said...

sickening, and very very worrying. I assume that's real, but it seems too over the top and almost like a parody.
Especially the bit about the 'rainbow' coalition

Paul Halsall said...

The first one is a serious, so to speak, ad being put out for the National Organization for Marriage in the US. The script commentary was added by the YouTube poster.

Bearded Socialist said...

The advert itself is pretty scary. I knew the sub-titles were a spoof, but the whole thing is very homophobic and unpleasant to watch.

How did you come across it?