Friday, March 06, 2009

Another Round on Assisted Suicide

There is now yet another round in Britain of the perennial debate on physician assisted suicide. The Times covers the issue today.

The country's top judge indicated yesterday that the courts would throw out prosecutions of people who assisted in the suicide of terminally ill patients.

Ruth Gledhill discusses the issues here

As a person with AIDS, I intend to live as long as possible. The meds now are good. But I don't want that last few weeks of pain, incontinence, and suppuration to the point of death. I lost at least 60 acquaintances and one really good friend.

I want, simply, and hopefully in many years time, to be able to have whatever number remains of my friends (AIDS deaths tend to clarify things) to be around as I take liquid Nembutal (or 36 Seconal with Youghurt). I do not want to be reduced to having to find street heroin, insulin, or (lots of Valium with scotch).

But I don't want to die right now, and nobody will stop me when I need to.

BTW, I remain a Catholic, but just as Jesus "gave up the ghost", I will do so also when the time is right.

Medical science has no right to put me though torture.

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