Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who Caused 9/11?

Well Osama and his cohorts did.

But it becoming clearer that so did the Clinton-obessessed GOP.

At this stage the best hope of us all is that Al Gore becomes the only person since Roosevelt to win three national majorities.

Clinton's cigar did not affect his job. If anything, when he went after Bin Laden, GOPpers and Dems said he was just "wagging the dog."

Republicans caused 9/11 by deliberately sabatoging a Democratic president over a blow job.

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Travis said...

Your first point is absolutely correct. Bin Laden and the terrorists did it.

But in making your argument about Clinton and the GOP in the 90's, it seemed like you were agreeing with the conclusions of the ABC tv movie that aired a couple weeks ago. You basically think Clinton was justified in being disctacted by the impeachment and such.

I think that Clinton and Bush both share some responsibility in not being active enough in busting up Al-Qaeda. It is unfortunate that it took such a terrible attack to make the US take serious military action against them.

One more thing, Al Gore has yet to have a majority of votes in a national election, so how can he get three even if he does win two terms as Prez? (God I hope that doesn't happen)