Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just Say No

I just walked out a of a job interview at **** Car Sales. (What a comedown, eh?)

The company wanted me to sign a notarized affadavit that they could investigate my "personal habits, including but not limited to credit, driver, criminal, and employment and other records." It would be insane for me or any person to sign it. With it they could presumably look at telephone, credit card, medical and whatever records they wanted, because they would have an affadavit from me allowing them.

Do people really sign these things?

If so, why do they think they live in a free country.

Meanwhile, I face penury, but some things are just impossible.

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Anonymous said...

Do people really sign these things? At a former workplace, I signed a loyalty oath to the constitutions of the United States and Florida -- when I was dubious about the first and ignorant about the latter. I did so because I wanted to work in my field of expertise, and otherwise liked the job.