Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Will Israel Loose?

I think Israel may well loose this war - anything that looks like a Hezbollah draw is an Israeli loss. That would be a disaster, since Israel's reputation as invincible is an important part of its defense. This must be one dumb administration: I want the US to win in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Israel vs Lebanon, but now "we" are involved are involved in two wars, perhaps three, in which "we" cannot afford to lose, but see no way to win.

See the analysis by Shmuel Rosner in Slate 7/31/2006


Steve Muhlberger said...


None of the people in charge is fighting for "you."
Even if they were, the US adventure in Iraq has been doomed since April 2004. Can you remember the events of that month?
They showed that no Iraqi could possibly trust the US government, and that the US could not maintain order. Put together with the stubborness of US "policy makers" and the only question is, how big will the crackup be at the end? It's been looking bigger and bigger since Hurricane Katrina -- which also demonstrated the priorities and competence of the Bush admin.

Paul Halsall said...


I agree with you, but you are in Canada, hence intrinsically sensible. I use "we" because, if this is a culture war, I do take a side.

But I agree that the US and Israeli "policy makers" have messed up enormously. The problem is how to extricate from this situation without giving Islamicists a high victory. As a gay man, and as per my politics, I see no advantage in Hezbollah or Iran winning.