Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Last Tudor Claimant to the British Throne

King Anthony, a former Shropshire police inspector who insisted he had a better claim to the throne than King George V, provoked panic at the palace when two doctors refused to silence him by quietly certifying him insane.

Details have emerged from the National Archive of the royal family's anxiety at the way Anthony Hall, who was said to be tall and always impeccably dressed, drew crowds of up to 800 people to hear his claims of direct lineage from Henry VIII. Across the West Midlands, he used his 1931 campaign meetings to denounce King George, the Queen's grandfather, as a "pure blooded German" with no right to rule Britain.

The Guardian 8/9/2006

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Anonymous said...

Very interested to read the Guardian report as I have written a stage play: The Last Tudor, which has to do with the bastard son of Elizabeth I!