Thursday, June 08, 2006

Health and Resisting Doctors

I have to have a another PET scan tomorrow (I dont see why the dog has to get involved, but CATS, PETs etc seem to be what is all about).

The doctor said a biopsy for any lymphoma in my chest would require them to crack my chest (in some way), but that he did not think it looked that serious, but wanted a new PET scan in any case. With my drinking no alcohol for a few days . The PET scan tomorrow does not really wory me, but that's not what is scary - I am more worried about any eventual biopsy which
involves cracking my ribs, and then having to take chemo.

Meanwhile, because I have never used any HIV meds, they want me to take part in a study to compare two formulations. But I am not keen on that. After all I have been doing fine without. And once you start, you have to stay on the meds for life.

I've lived long enough - I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of it awash in doctors and all their crap. They want to try out several different drug cocktails, but the only cocktail I want is a Martini.

But I suppose if I let them do for free some extreme set of tests to see how my body is right now it will be worth it. The problem is all the tests seem horrible these days: sometimes they take so much blood you think they are working for Dracula. Why can't they do interesting tests like the CIA used to do with LSD in the old days?

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