Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It May be Nothing
Life is odd. Some things freak you, others don't.
Take today. I just got a call from my doctor, saying that "they had found a nodule in my lungs on an X-ray." It did not really help that the doctor himself call me when he got the chest x-ray.
I was a little bit stunned, and felt more than a little discombobulated. I was almost on the point of calling the doctor and asking for Klonopin.
But on further reflection I found I did not need it. I get panned for doing this all the time, but a kind of internal conversation enabled me to control any panic. Some vague hint of an illness will not through me off balance quite yet. Of course, I looked at a couple of websites, and made myself accept that it would be a bit early to worry. [ ]
On the other hand, I think a glass of wine is quite forgiveable right now....

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