Friday, June 05, 2009

Simon Armitage: Sir Gawain and the Green Night

Available (within UK ) on I-player

After Michael Wood's marvellous Beowulf programme, the BBC has topped itself with this programme in which Simon Armitage, a modern translator of the "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" poem, follows Gewain's journey across Wales, the Wirral, and the Pennines.

I am sure all British medievalists will watch this (or catch it on I-player). As a Byzantine specialist who just happens to be living withing 50 miles of all the areas he visits, I have some autumn weekends figured out. Americans/and others should try to get hold of this.

Oh, and Simon Armitage has an quite wonderful educated West Peninne accent.

[To me it's incredible that any sane people over here want to get rid of the BBC.]

See Sir Gawain Page

UPDATE: There has been some discussion on the Mediev-l list about how I characterised Simon Armitage's accent. See a clip on YouTube of his poem on a Ten Pence Peice.

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