Wednesday, June 03, 2009

LabourList - Brown Cabinet Collapsing Today

Hazel Blears resigns from the cabinet - at least two more resignations to follow today |

Following Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's resignation from the cabinet yesterday, Hazel Blears will also resign her position as Communities Secretary and it's rumoured that two more ministers will step down by the end of the day, possibly including Europe Minister Caroline Flint.

Smith and Blears had both been tainted by the expenses scandal, but Hazel Blears' departure will add to the belief that cabinet ministers are taking Gordon Brown's authority into their own hands by voluntarily standing down on mass before the PM is allowed to impose a reshuffle.

LabourList is reporting two more ministers to resign today after Hazel Blears.

From my point of view this is excellent. It will help push Gordon Brown out, let Johnson or Harman take over, and then state they will call an election within 100 days.

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