Thursday, June 04, 2009

Get Out and Vote!

If you are in the UK, Get Out and Vote today.

No matter how bad our politicians, no matter how bad our parties, this right to vote is a valuable thing. It's why the entire political class is shivering in Westminster. It's the only ultimate power we have.

I had the honor of voting twice today (local and EP elections), for Labour and against the SAME woman (Jean Purdy) running as a BNP local councillor and MEP in the NW. Get out, and vote for ANY non-BNP Party.

I don't really care how people vote today as regards mainstream parties. I too want to see massive change in the Labour Party and the government in general. I too want open debate over Europe. I too think a General election in the next few months is needed.

But I also do not want to be shamed by my fellow Britons sending any fascists to the European Parliament.


Enoch was right said...


The BNP seem to have a problem with Muslims, not queers. Therefore, you should be safe regardless of how successful the BNP are at this election.

Furthermore, your desperate plea for voters to reject the BNP raises a number of questions. The potential success of the party really does seem to have you rattled.

Did elected members of the BNP steal millions of pounds of taxpayers' money?

Did members of the BNP gleefully endorse the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Did the BNP allow millions of immigrants to come into this country and tolerate those individuals' abysmal lack of integration or propensity to learn the English language?

Is the BNP systematically allowing the sovereignty of this country to be constantly undermined and eroded by the European Union?

Did the BNP allow ghettos inhabited by immigrants with escalating crime rates and high unemployment to develop throughout our inner-cities?

A large BNP vote is crucial at this election in order to allow for a sensible debate on immigration to take place in this country without fear of those participating in such a debate to be smeared as 'racist' or 'nazi'.

Your patronising, antagonistic tone in pleading with people to vote for anyone but those nasty racists is pathetic. Let people vote for whoever they want. Why have you failed to criticise those running on Marxist/far-left platforms? Marxist/Lenninism has caused much, much more suffering, death and destruction on this planet than the authoritarian left (i.e. fascism, National socialism) ever has.

Your hypocracy, lack of strategic intelligence and condescending comments are truly pitiful.

And no, I'm not a BNP member or activist - I'm simply fed up with the way that anyone who voices any dissent from the 'mainstream' with regard to immigration or lambasts the miserable failure that 'multiculturalism' has been in this country is shouted down, in the most condescending manner possible, as a racist.

If we fail to address the problem now we are in for turbulent times ahead in the very near future.

Paul Halsall said...

it's spelt "hypocrisy".

We have to be careful about accusing others of not speaking English.

Meanhile, the BNP has racially defined membership terms.

Enoch was right said...

Is that really the best you can do? Belittle me because I misspell one word?

Do tell me, how exactly do the Black Police Association define their membership? I await your hysterics with regard to that particular group and the many others, similar to the BPA, defined entirely on racial grounds.

How utterly pathetic. Alas, what else would one expect from an individual extolling the virtues of the Labour at the same time as spewing hatred about another

Ah well, it's not like anyone will notice your childish pleas. What are your readership numbers anyways? i.e. excluding your family and boyfriends?

Do you have a job or are you on permanent incapacity benefit?

Paul Halsall said...

I don't do hysterics. I don't have a boyfriend right now (are you cute?). And as far as I know, none of of my family read my blog.

On the other hand, if you want to look at general history websites you will find my work at Fordham is widely used.

I don't use this blog to make an impact. I use it to record what I think and view. If other people are interested, that is up to them.

Clearly, I fascinate you.

Enoch was right said...

[i]Clearly, I fascinate you.[/i]

Honestly, Paul, you don't. Please, don't flatter yourself - it's embarassing for your legions of avid readers to witness.

Still, you're more than welcome to enjoy your right to freedom of thought to fantasise otherwise - it seems your pathetic denials of the gravity of the situation which our country faces with regard to uncontrolled mass immigration and your continued subordination to Gordon stem from that same right.

Of course, as always, you can have the last word.