Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sex in Saudi Arabia

The Saturday Profile - Challenging Sex Taboos, With Help From the Koran - Biography -

In Saudi Arabia and other countries where the genders are rigorously separated, many men have their first sexual experiences with other men, which affects their attitudes toward sex in marriage, Ms. Lootah said.

“Many men who had anal sex with men before marriage want the same thing with their wives, because they don’t know anything else,” Ms. Lootah said. “This is one reason we need sex education in our schools.”

Vaseline salespeople take note.

[PS: I have no idea what the picture says in Arabic]

UPDATE: I am clearly getting a lot of hits for this post. If you are looking on how to get sex in Saudi, I cannot help you. (Perhaps cruise a supermarket?) But I have posted a long post on Homosexuality and Islam in History on this blog at:

A more general site is here:

If you are Muslim and gay there is a Gay Mulsim website based in the UK that contains lots of information:


Anonymous said...

* first, please people (do not) spread informations without knowing it's truth...SHAME ON YOU!!
* I mean..what the hell you know about sex in Saudi Arabia?!! , or what do you know about Islam and muslim people?! (pardon me..=P)
# It Is a board of tailor store for men , and they are (not) gay , it's the way that men in all Gulf Countries greeting each other!!!
# and believe me there is (NO) thing such as (MUSLIM GAY)..maybe Arab but (not) Muslim ....Because in Islam evreythign that harm you or harm your brothers and sisters or even your enviromnment is absolutely forbidden, for taht fucking (pardon me for mention this word ^-^)in Islam consider as great sin ,and in the worse conditions it drop you out of islam If you don't repent ..even if you do it with your wife ..caues as I said it is no't good for you or your wife ..(I think most of people agree with me..^-^) # for more Iformations visit:

Anonymous said...

Actually this is quite accurate. My cousin was a doctor there for many years who helped run a sex education campaign. It is a known issue among medical and health professionals, and was partially to blame for low birth rates .

Anonymous said...

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all organizations of human rights defenders in the world must come together to implore the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from now cease to apply the Sharia law to Saudi people. And violating human rights of womens and homosexuals who live in this Islamic country. Enough to justify the laws of Islam to attack a society that deserve rights of life and opportunities. Long life to gays in Saudi Arabia!