Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Classical Music Critic Gives Hope for Susan Boyle's Career

Susan Boyle should cheer up: she could still become a true artist instead of a gauche novelty act :: Michael White

OK she didn't win - and I'm sorry she didn't. Whatever the reason Susan Boyle lost out to a rap dance troupe last night on Britain's Got Talent, it had little to do with talent and rather more with the socio-politics of 21st-century Britain, which is far too indulgent towards the vulgar, anti-feminist and homophobic subculture of rap.

But there it is: we're stuck with it. And losing won't do Boyle a lot of harm if the reports of her immediate £6 million earning potential are to be believed.

That said, the point I made a few weeks ago in this column holds good: and at the risk of being pilloried by the same people who misread what I wrote before, I'll make it again. Boyle is a stunning natural phenomenon. But as things stand, she's a novelty act - celebrated as much for her gauche, awkward self-presentation as for her voice. And novelty wears off , eventually.

It's precisely because that voice is so wonderful that she needs to develop it, with the right sort of coaching that won't turn her into something she isn't - I'm not expecting her to sing Brunnhilde (although somehow I can see her with a spear and breastplate) - but will enable her to grow into a real performing artist. And I'm sure she has that potential.

Her other recordings, available on YouTube, were good, and she could deliver on tune songs without musical accompaniment on a hole host of American TV appearances.

She should have some proper career after she overcomes stage nerves.

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Anonymous said...

Hope she does & hope she has caring friends & family who will help her out of the pit she's currently in.