Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fat is Good

Love your fat child, don't shame them | Marianne Kirby | Comment is free |

My parents are great people. They have loved me very much and I have loved them the same. And so it is with most parents of fat children. They love their children and, in the manner of parents everywhere, just want what's best for them. Unfortunately, even with all the loving intention in the world, there are some things parents do that just make life harder for fat kids. I can't cross space and time (curse these limitations) to pass these things on to my own parents, but hopefully these three basic messages might help some fat kids now.

Actually, I am not sure Fat is Good, but it is the kind of thing that might be true, and should be said by someone.

At the very least, FAT does not look as bad as SKINNY.

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