Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Vote Labour Even if You Hate the Labour Government

I was thinking of voting Lib Dem in the European elections, but whadyaknow, Labour goes and sways my heart again.

I am very pro-Europe, so that leaves me only Labour or Liberal as prospects.

The Lib-Dems aren't shifting any votes here in the North-west, and so, apart from anything else, I need to vote the best way to suppress BNP vote. That means Labour here. In some areas it might mean Lib Dem.

[I do realise one vote does not make a lot of difference, but when you vote you have to vote as if it does. Read all of Kant and report back to me if you don't understand why.]

But there is also the fact that I actually believe in Social Democrat (or Democratic Socialist) ideas. I think the European Union is best single force for peace since the Congress of Vienna in 1815. What I dislike is the current set of Labour ministers, and their complete willingness to treat citizens as possessions of the state.

However as a person with AIDs, now largely dependent on the state (after having paid taxes most of my life as a single man, hence the most taxed least serviced), I cannot give up the idea that at some core point the Labour Party is a moral crusade, not a machine for apparatchiks.

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