Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Speaker and Dickens

He did the right thing.

I found him a Dickensian character of intense interest. A bit of Mr. Pecksniff mixed with a Jardyne and Jardyne barrister.

But, whatever his errors:

1. Much of the attack on him has been racist and classicist. All those references in the Daily Mail to "Gorbals Mick" are racist, and and classist. Quentin Letts is the worst - a nasty ,little turd.

2. To see people like Fraser Nelson, who in himself represents a sort of Francis Bacon twist of an Etonian Toff attack Speaker Martin was almost disgusting. Nelson can hardly speak his diction is so twisted.

3. And the whole effort has been has been a effort at blame shifting. Plenty of Labour MPs should face deselection, but it is outrageous how the Daily Telegraph has declared as clean people like Nick Clegg and David Cameron who have claimed near maximum allowances simply because they have structured their ACA claims around huge mortgages.

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