Friday, May 22, 2009

Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Stop humiliating our MPs.'

Ruth Gledhill - Times Online - WBLG: Archbishop of Canterbury: "Stop humiliating our MPs."

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued a stern warning against the 'continuing systematic humiliation of politicians.'

It takes true courage to call for an end to a witch hunt when the dogs are in full cry. Christian Courage is one quality Dr Rowan Williams possesses in full.

In an op-ed article in tomorrow’s Times, Dr Rowan Williams argues forcibly that the point has now been 'adequately made'. He recognises that the issues are 'as grave as they could be' for parliamentary democracy and that action is needed to restore trust. But in an implied rebuke against the continuous drip of stories, he warns: 'The continuing systematic humiliation of politicians itself threatens to carry a heavy price in terms of our ability to salvage some confidence in our democracy.'

Rowan is right.

Just get out all the remain details. Let us deselect of reselect MPs in each constituency. And MOVE ON.

Some MPs have been pigs. But the Westminster system (perhaps improved by proportional representation) remains the core institution of a country that is, after all, still one of the richest, freeest, and most tolerant in the world.

If you don't believe that, try looking elsewhere.

At the moment, the only people benefitting are the UK version of Oligarchs. The Barclay brothers who own the Daily Telegraph are deeply anti-democratic, and Viscount Rothermere, owner of the Daily Mail, despite being born in the UK, going to school here, holding a British title, and raising his family here, still manages to get non-domiciled tax status (costing HMRC perhaps as much as MP expenses overclaims) [citing Private Eyes, passim.]

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