Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our man at Bilderberg: Let's salt the slug in 2010

Our man at Bilderberg: Let's salt the slug in 2010 | News | guardian.co.uk

Charlie Brooker takes on Bilderberg.

Publicity is pure salt to the giant slug of Bilderberg. So I suggest next year we turn up with a few more tubs. If the mainstream press refuses to give proper coverage to this massive annual event, then interested citizens will have to: a people's media. Find the biggest lens you can and join us for Bilderberg 2010. No idea where it's going to be, but there's usually a few days' notice.

What you may ask is Bilderberg?

From Wikipedia:

The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an unofficial, annual, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of politics, business, and banking. The participants talk about a variety of global issues, economic, military, and political.

Perhaps this is one for the conspiracy theorists.


Daniel F said...

You might want to listen to this interview of journalist Daniel Estulin who has been following the Bilderberg Society for a decade.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Skelton, not Charlie Brooker, but otherwise, yes, ouch. I knew of this lot as Bildeborg and didn't realise it still happened. But as with almost anything that leather-clad rockers made a political song about decades ago, it seems to have continued unaffected.