Sunday, May 17, 2009

Retarded Homophobes

Realstreet : I object to my taxes being used to call me a ‘retarded homophobe’

These days, it seems to me that a lot of the biggest and most influential registered charities have a greater interest in promoting our masters’ social engineering agenda than anything else.

I don’t honestly know if the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) does a good or bad job overall, but according to the Daily Mail, “the bulk of its £6million-a-year budget comes from the taxpayer.”

Most of us are now 'retarded homophobes' according to this booklet we helped pay for.

It is disgusting, then, that they should publish a booklet in which a homosexual adopter slanders those critical of homosexuals adopting by calling them “retarded homophobes”.

Hey, this is crap. I am gay and have been active in gay causes since 1982.

I agree that "children are not trophies, they are people". And frankly, perhaps because I am a mummy's boy, I can see the advantage of having a mum. And my stepfather has been a great "Dad" to me.

But life is both *variable* and *imperfect*. I am not prepared to agree that having a married Mum and Dad who love each other and bring you up is the only perfect situation, although I admit it has its attractions.

In real life though, having any responsible adult couple who love and cherish you is more than many people get. And I would argue that a lesbian or gay couple who were responsible, loved you, etc., are better than even your own biological mother and father if they maltreat you.

You are not a homophobe if you have a certain ideal; you are a homophobe if you think that in the real, hard to deal with, world, a Lesbian or Gay couple cannot be the best actually possible parents.

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