Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obviously the Chinese Government is Missing out on the Easiest Ways to Deal with the Oversupply of Males

Damming up China's internet | Alice Xin Liu | Comment is free |

...measure made this week by the Chinese government, who ordered that Green Dam Youth Escort – a government-developed software that filters pornographic and violent content from websites – be installed on every mainland manufactured computer after 1 July. Although the software's designers have attempted to reassure observers that the software will only be used to target five categories of content – 'adult/ pornography, extreme adult/pornography, violent games, homosexuality, and illegal activities/drugs'...

So drugs, porn, homosexuality, and violent games are out.

Apparently the Chinese government thinks computer games like chess and Pong will be enough to still the libidos of 32 million extra youths.

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