Tuesday, June 09, 2009

9th June, 2009 - First None Crisis Day in the UK for About 3 Month

For those who blog, British Politics in the past three months has been a gripping roller-coaster. Or perhaps a better analogy is like a series of XBOX games.

What with games like "Smeargate", "Spin the Gurkha", "MP's expenses", "Let's get Rid of the Speaker", "How Many Ministers Will Resign Today", "The Evil and the Stupid: Pin Down the BNP, and best of all "Find the Brave Labour MP" this has been as addictive as good crack.

Today BBC News and Sky News actually covered other stories. It turns out there is still a recession going on, but the economy may be on an uptick; Obama has made a good speech in Cairo; and in Iran there is a fairly important general election going on.

Who knew?

But it will take a few days of temazepam for bloggers to come off this high.

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