Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Best Line of the Day

No leader, no ideas: a party at the gates of Hell | Rachel Sylvester - Times Online

I have realised for some time that Rachel Sylvester is a very acute commentator on British politics, but she floored me with this line.

Lord Mandelson is masterminding the fightback - it is no coincidence that he has a picture of Elizabeth 1 on his office wall.

Politically I disagree with much of Peter Mandelson's apparent agenda, but as a gay man, I am impressed.

Everyone in the UK knows he's gay, but as far as I can see that comes into no-one's estimate of him. He is so supremely smooth as a political operator and interviewee, not to mention as a political tactician, that it is almost a joy to watch him, even when he is lying!

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