Monday, May 25, 2009

Telegraph Runs a Pointless "MPs' Expenses Story"

MP's expenses: Dennis Watts, husband of MP Meg Munn, paid for tax advice by ministers - Telegraph

This story does not seem to be a major ethical problem in any way I can see.

Perhaps the Daily Telegraph is holding back big stories to keep up the suspense, but if this is all they have now, they are scraping the barrel.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

the Torygraph has finally reached the bottom of the barrel.........

Richard T said...

It's intersting that unless there is more to come, they haven't gone for the large area of abuse - those MPs living within or close to the M25 who have been assited to buy second homes. All can perfectly weel get into Westminster within an hour from home - just like their constituents - and as Parliamnet now no longer regularly sits late there is no reason for having a publicly financed home close by. Naturally, being the Telegraph, there can be no possible party bias here although most of the MPs who are taking advantage of us are Tories.