Thursday, May 28, 2009

Damian Thompson and the so-called hate mail from LGCM

Anti-Catholic 'hate mail'from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement :: Damian Thompson

More unsolicited material in my inbox today from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, including a mocked-up photograph of the Holy Father next to the Rev Fred Phelps, the vile American bigot whose slogan is 'God hates fags' and who claims that 'most Jews are fags or fag enablers'.

I've written before about this disgraceful photograph (above), only to be greeted with whining from 'Catholic' gay activists. Well, since the LGCM is part of the grievance industry, I've decided to adopt its own tactics.

The Pope/Phelps image is anti-Catholic hate material, in my opinion, since it compares Benedict XVI to a despicable and deranged extremist. The message it sends to Catholics, including gay ones, is unpleasant and arguably constitutes harassment.

What libel?

Time and time again, especially in the US, physical attacks on LGBT people are justified by the attackers through reference to religious authorities.

The issue is especially clear with Catholicism, since its elaborate effort to derive the "disorder" of homosexuality from defunct Platonic and Aristotelian views on finality makes no sense. Catholic youths when they attack can hardly be expected to know the ins and outs of the somewhat "philosophy" behind the statements.

Meanwhile a huge percentage of the Catholic clergy are gay. When I was interviewed after applying to Allen Hall in 1987, I went through all the tests, and was honest. After we all saw Cardinal Hume, 13 of us candidates met in a pub near Archbishops house. Only 1 of the 13 candidates(admittedly the most handsome) was straight.

I myself went off to do a Ph.D. in the USA. But I have no reason to doubt that a huge percentage of the clergy are gay.

Without them the Church in England and Wales would collapse.

There is even a place in Lourdes for gay clergy to meet.

Catholics like Damian, who publish just as many gay writers as The Tablet, know all this, but expect it to be kept hidden.

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