Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Drag Acts on YouTube

Simon Cowell called drag the lowest form of entertainment on Britain's Got Talent tonight.

I love drag, and some of the best drag recordings from old style drag acts, mostly from London in the 1980s and 1990s, but some from elsewhere.

1. Maise Trollette and Phil- You don't have to say you love me
Great old-fashioned drag

2. Dave Dale - I am What I am
Sheer brilliance

3. Judy Garland Tribute Artist - Peter Mac

4. Craig Russell - Judy Garland and her "son" Liza

5. Jim Baily - Judy Garland "I could go on singing" [2007]

6. Adrella - Liza Minnelli [at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern]

7. Lily Savage - Final Performance Part 1

8. Regina Fong - Typewriter Song [Black Cap Dec 1992]

9. Mimosa - Comme ils disent [What makes a man a man]
Cf Aznavour (English)
and (French)
and Liza
and Aggy Dune

10 Regina Fong - Hollywood, Danny LaRue - [ at the Black Cap, Camden Town]
Regina used both wit and tapes. She did not just do mime.


Aggy Dune and Darienne Lake - Mommy Dearest

I'll add others as per any comments.


Anonymous said...

What about Rusty Rogers a brilliant and totally live act. Whatever happened to him. ?

rusty rogers said...

Hello, How kind. I came out to the Costa Brava in 1985 to do a 6 month contract and am still here LOL . !! I retired from performing in 2002.
I really must post a vid on youtube.

wildlife geek said...

are you the real Rusty Rogers that worked in Callella? if so can you contact me at with proof (as l dare there will be fakers emailing me ) as l got a friend of mine who has been missing and looking for you for a long time,she has been driving me nuts for years with her refusal to give up, you must have made quite an impact on her. l tried the internet about 8months ago but nothing showed up so l do hope you are the real one and that you contact me please its nothing bad l swear but it would make a poorly friend of mine extremely happy.

Rob Pritchard said...

I was one half of the duo that supported Rusty when he very first went out there at a hotel in Calella. We then went on to El Carro bar in Santa Susanna, underneath the Riviera Hotel.. If anyone hears anything, please contact me. I have loads a photos of him too.