Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kris vs. Adam. I Thought Adam the Better Singer, but Kris was Sexier

"American Idol's"; bigger message - Los Angeles Times

The two-part finale of hit series 'American Idol,' which begins tonight, is the most talked-about thing in television right now, partly because this season's contenders, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, are exciting performers. But it's also because they have done something unexpected: Their unlikely friendship has presented America with a new vision of itself, beyond the deepest divisions of the culture wars.

Lambert is a rocker from the liberal urban Southland with roots in musical theater and the Hollywood club scene. Allen is a collegiate evangelical Christian from Arkansas. Lambert has been compared to Queen's Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley; Allen recalls John Mayer and the Jonas Brothers.

Anyone else willing to deviate from gay orthodoxy.

But Adam should have won since it was singing contest, not a "best time in my imagination" contest.

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tellthetruth said...

ADAM is obviously the best singer not only for this season, but for the 8 seasons. (Chris Daughtry,not Kris, is the next, then Archie) Adam is so sexy too, he's very handsome and all the people who saw ADAM in San Diego, were telling that he's very handsome in person.