Thursday, September 28, 2006

Twenty Five

Number of jobs applied for today. There must be a better way.

By the way, this accounts for the increased posting of late: I have been online constantly applying for positions. Basically I have been applying for 2-3 jobs and then reading and posting something - mostly funny or tragic (they seem the same thing these days) - as a way of breaking the tedium of typing my address again and again.

Apologies if it's all boring.


Dear Employer,

I am interested in the position you advertised. I am at a transitional state in my career and might not be a traditional candidate for your position. I urge you to consider my application in any case.

I have worked for years in both teaching and administration in educational institutions. More recently I have held a combination of jobs; as self-employed web-editor; in sales positions, and in short-term promotions. I am extremely adaptable, learn very fast, and have been able to satisfy all my clients and employers.

If you want a confident self-starter with years of experience using computers, office software, and in interacting with the public, I'm your man.

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