Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finding a Job

I am looking for a job, and in fact devote many hours each day to this search.

So far I have been using online sites (Monster, Hotjobs, etc.), and there are some advantages to this approach. Applications can be made by email/website, newspaper classified ads are searchable, and so forth. The problem is that very few good jobs (at least ones I can apply for, are online. I am sad to say that I have only just found out why.

Almost all the big employers - local hospital systems, big companies, even retail chains - have their own job application web sites. Each of which requires a separate application. The result is tedium as the same data has to be entered time and time again.

It's odd to say that the upshot of years of internet development has been that job seeking is just as tedious as ever.

[PS: If you know of any jobs, let me know (phalsall@gmail.com): I am willing to locate anywhere in the US.]

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